2016 Passenger Vehicle Reports

Crash Level Reports Injury Outcome Reports
County County
Crash Configuration Crash Configuration
Manner of Collision Manner of Collision
Object Struck Object Struck
Posted Speed Posted Speed
Highway Class Highway Class
Crash Type Crash Type
Road Conditions Road Conditions
Weather Weather
Driver Contribution Condition Driver Contributing Condition
Age & Sex Age & Sex
Alcohol Involvement & Hour Alcohol Involvement & Hour
City of Crash City of Crash

The Crash Level Reports Include:
Number Occupants, Number Injured, Percent Injured, Number transported to medical center, number died at scene, number died en route to hospital, number died at hospital, total number died

The Injury Outcome Reports Include:
Number occupants, number & percent with ER visit, number & percent hospitalized, number & percent died, ER & hospital charges, estimated full medical costs, estimated other costs and years of persons life lost