Wisconsin CODES Public Use Data Files

The Wisconsin CODES Project has Public Use data files available to researchers interested in studying the health outcomes associated with vehicular crashes in Wisconsin.

These files are available for single years, from 1994 to the present. There are three components to these files:

From 2003 on, hospital and ED data must be acquired directly from the Wisconsin hospital Association Information Center. The Public Use data files contain the information and data elements necessary to merge the hospital/ED data directly to the relevant crash records, but do not contain the hospital/ED data itself.

The data will be provided via an upload from DROPBOX, in a text (.txt) format as a single file for each year. Also provided will be copies of SAS programs which will read in the files, provide them with variable labels and value labels, and produce a data dictionary and frequencies for the data elements in the files.

A data dictionary covering all elements and changes to the data for 1994 to the present is available by clicking on the link above.

This data is available for free to non-profit, governmental and educational agencies in Wisconsin. Arrangements for non-profit, governmental and educational agencies outside of Wisconsin are negotiable. Please email codes@chsra.wisc.edu with requests and questions.

All persons wishing to use the data are required to fill out the confidentiality form, which can be printed off by clicking on the link above. You do not need to have the form notarized. Please complete the confidentiality form, scan, and email to codes@chsra.wisc.edu.

To obtain Inpatient Discharge and Emergency Department data for 2003 - 2014 please contact the Wisconsin Hospital Association Information Center. WHAIC's phone number is (1-800-231-8340)