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CODES Custom Reporting System

The Reporting System is a simple way to create your own complex tabular reports from the Wisconsin CODES linked data. The system provides a variety of health outcome measures, output in tabular form, that can then be downloaded into Excel or other software of your choice for further manipulation and analysis. To run the system, all you need to do is:

You can download the data as a CSV file (comma separated values) or as an XML file for inputting into the table software of your choice. The option labeled "Export Data to Excel or CSV" exports the data as a CSV file. The option labeled "Export Data to XML" exports the data in XML, a flexible format that may also be used with a wide variety of tools. If you are using our Excel templates, select the "Export Data to Excel or CSV".

Selection of Data

You can select data for a variety of conditions.

2009-2016. Can select any or all. There is also an "All Years" choice that overrides any individual selections. Clearing this selection box is the same as choosing all years. Default is 2016.
(A single or any combination of Wisconsin's 72 counties) Default is ALL.
(A single or any combination of 30 Wisconsin cities) Default is ALL.
(Rural or Urban) Default is ALL.
Highway Type
(Interstate, State, County, Local) Default is ALL.
Person Characteristics:
(Either Male/Female) Default is both sexes.
(Any range from 0-96) Default is all.
(Driver, Passenger, Motorcyclist, Moped Rider, Bicyclist, Pedestrian) A single or any combination - Default is All
Persons with Alcohol Present
(Yes/No) Passengers of motor vehicles not included.
Persons with Drugs Present
(Yes/No) Passengers of motor vehicles not included.
Persons with Alcohol or Drugs Present
(Yes/No) Passengers of motor vehicles not included.
Crash Characteristics:
For all characteristics selecting Yes will include ALL vehicles/occupants involved in any crash possessing the specific attribute. For instance, selecting Citation Issued will include all vehicles/persons involved in a crash for which any person was issued a citation.
a factor in crash (Yes/No)
a factor in crash (Yes/No)
Alcohol or Drugs
a factor in crash (Yes/No)
Citation Issued
in crash (Yes/No)
Construction Zone
Crash (Yes/No)
Commercial Vehicle
(> 10,000 lbs) involved in crash (Yes/No)
Passenger Vehicles

Data selection criteria is exclusive between factors. That is, if you select Sex=Male and Role=Motorcycle, the output will only include crash occupants who are male and were riding a motorcycle. If you select Sex=Female and Construction Zone Crash=Yes, only female occupants of vehicles involved in a Construction zone crash will be selected. For more information, see our detailed data dictionary (PDF) with information about each Selection Data Element.

Choice of Row Data Elements

There are 36 different row data elements available for creating reports. You can choose either one or two data elements for inclusion. The data elements include such items as age, crash type, vehicle type, role and year. Except for "Occupant of Passenger Vehicle" and "Persons with Alcohol/Drugs Present", all data selection elements are also available as row data elements. You can download a simple list of all row data elements (PDF) and a detailed data dictionary (PDF) with information about each row data element.

Outcome Measures

There are 22 outcome measures output for each tabular report. These include information related to:

A list of all outcome elements is available as part of the data elements list (PDF). For more complete information on each Outcome Data element, see the detailed data dictionary (PDF).

Excel Templates

We provide templates to assist you in using the data in Excel. See the template page for more information.

We Welcome Your Input

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