The Wisconsin CODES Project is located at the Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis (CHSRA) at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and is managed jointly by CHSRA staff and Wayne Bigelow, an independent consulting scientist engaged by CHSRA.

In Wisconsin, the CODES linkage project operates as a multi-agency collaboration. Hospital and Emergency Department data from the Wisconsin Hospital Association are linked with WDOT Crash data using probabilistic linkage (1992-2012) and exact linkage (2013+) and studied by analysts at the Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis.

This web site is designed to be used by persons involved in Transportation Safety Research and Injury Research. Additionally, community based Crash and Injury Reports are available for local transportation and public health staff interested in the scope and level of crash related injuries and costs for their communities. Finally, REPORT BUILDER, our online software designed to allow users to create their own tables, provides data for 2009 to the present.

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